03 November 2021

The All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric, a new take on a besteller

  • With a range of 300km in WLTP cycle1, the All-New Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric raises the bar higher than ever before in terms of meeting the every-day needs of professional customers.
  • The 90kW engine and 45kWh lithium-ion battery can be coupled with three different charger types to recuperate up to 170km of range in 30 minutes.
  • The All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric will make its public début at the SOLUTRANS car show in Lyon from 16th to 20th November.
  • Produced at the Maubeuge factory in northern France, it will be sold throughout Europe as of spring 2022.

Renault has been a pioneer in electrical mobility and has been the undisputed leader in electric commercial vehicles in Europe since 2011. Kangoo Electric has won the hearts of some 70,000 professional customers since its launch at the end of 2011 and now accounts for one in every five electric utility vehicles sold in Europe. Set to be shown to the public for the first time on November 16th at the Solutrans car show in Lyon, the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric is making headway across the board. It is the culmination of more than 10 years of know-how that Renault has been fostering in the field of electric vehicles.


Thanks to its new lithium-ion battery with a fully usable capacity of 45kWh, the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric boasts a range of up to 300km in WLTPI cycle. As such, mini-van divers have peace of mind when going about a full day of work trips, for an unbeatable price to own and run. The battery, located under the vehicle floor, has no impact on the cargo area capacity.


The All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric comes equipped with a 90kW motor boasting 245Nm of immediately available torque for a smooth and stress-free driving experience in all circumstances. The Eco mode that caps the vehicle's power output and top speed helps optimize the overall range and is best used when carrying a light load.

The driver can also choose between three regenerative braking regimes:

  • Sailing (display light B1): limited regenerative mode, suitable for driving on motorways and fast lanes
  • Drive (B2): default regenerative mode for versatile use that has an ICE motor feel when taking the foot of the accelerator
  • Brake (B3): maximum regenerative mode for use in traffic jams and on mountain roads.

On the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric, conventional hydraulic braking is assisted by an ARB system (Adaptive Regenerative Brake System), which maximizes the amount of recovered energy regardless of the selected braking regime.

The range of drive modes and braking regimes means drivers can choose between six different driving modes for optimal comfort and range according to their specific vehicle use and traffic conditions.

Information pertaining to the selected driving mode, electric power management, and ADAS are displayed on a fully customizable, optional, 10-inch, colour, digital instrument panel.


To recharge the battery, the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric offers a choice of three charger types. The standard model features an 11kW three-phase chameleon charger, suitable for all types of household charging setups. Optional chargers include the 22kW chameleon charger for rapid charging on public terminals and the 80kW rapid-charge DC charger that can recuperate 170km of range (WLPT cycle) in 30 minutes. With the two optional chargers, the battery is fitted with liquid cooling capabilities.

The All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric battery takes 3h50 to go from 15% to 100% charge when plugged into a 11kW Wallbox and less than 6 hours on a 7.4kW Wallbox.


To guarantee the same range in all seasons, the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric air conditioning system comes fitted with a heat pump. When paired with the 22kW charger, heat is taken from the air around the vehicle to warm the passenger compartment without using an electrical resistor that consumes energy. The heat pump performs best when the ambient temperature is between -15°C and +15°C, a very common range for the cold seasons in most European countries.

Lastly, the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric features a heated windscreen, front seats, and steering wheel as optional extras.


The All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric offers the same innovation, equipment, and all the comfort of the All-New Kangoo Van with ICE motor: the ingenious ‘Open Sesame by Renault’ for the market's widest side opening at 1.45m, the innovative ‘Easy Inside Rack’ retractable interior gallery, the ‘Renault Easy Link’ multimedia system with 8-inch display, the hands-free key card, the automatic parking brake, the three front seats with central folding backrest that turns into a mobile office, almost 60 litres of storage in the cab including the ‘Renault Easy Life’ drawer, as well as the latest generation ADAS, including Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go and the Motorway and Trafic Companion that marks the first step toward autonomous driving.

The All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric also boasts the same haulage and traction capacity as its ICE cousin – storage volume up to 3.9 m3 (4.9 m3 in the yet-to-be-released long format), 600kg of payload (800kg in the long format), and 1,500kg of towing capacity.

Lastly, thanks to the Renault smartphone app or Renault Easy Link multimedia system, the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric comes with a selection of specific connected services that can be used to program and schedule battery charging, remotely monitor battery levels, pre-heat/cool the passenger compartment, search for charging stations close to the set itinerary, or calculate which destinations are accessible with the remaining battery.


Since 2011, the Renault factory in Maubeuge, located in Hauts-de-France, manufactures Kangoo vehicles for customers around world. In an effort to industrialise production of the private and commercial versions of the All-New Kangoo, as well as vehicles from partner brands Mercedes and Nissan, and to guarantee the highest-quality production possible, Renault invested €450 million in the factory and installed a new battery assembly workshop.

The electric motor and charging units for the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric are all manufactured at Renault's Cleon factory in Normandy.

The All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric will be sold throughout Europe starting in spring 2022.


Starting in 2003, the Renault Pro+ brand has been developing unique know-how in the field of LCVs with widely recognised high-performance tailored products. As an expert brand dedicated to serving professional customers, it has its own range, services, and international network of 626 businesses.


1 Pending certification

2 Read ‘The Maubeuge Factory: Excellence as a trademark’

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