21 April 2022

More than 10 years of experience serving unconstrained electric mobility

  • ​​​Renault and its network have over 10 years of expertise in the sale and maintenance of electric vehicles. In a market where the share of electric vehicles has been growing steadily since 2019, Renault's customers can rely on the expertise of the 1,000 E-Tech expert centres where trained, qualified and equipped staff are on hand to advise them and maintain their electric vehicles.
  • On the strength of this experience, Renault and its network offer concrete and innovative solutions designed to eliminate the obstacles preventing their customers from making the switch to electric vehicles, with the overarching aim of making everyday mobility simple and pleasant for everyone:
    • for home charging: Mobilize Power Solutions, Mobilize Smart Charge
    • when travelling: Mobilize Charge Pass, Mobilize Visa Card, Mobilize Business Pass
    • for more specific occasional needs: Switch Car, Battery certificate
  • Renault already operates on this segment with Twingo E-Tech Electric and ZOE, and is expanding its range of electric vehicles with Megane E-Tech Electric, which will be available across the network from May.
    • with the EV40 boost charge équilibre version (AC22 kW and DC 85 kW) at € 260 per month[1].
    • with the EV60 techno optimum charge version (AC22 kW and DC 130 kW) at € 376 per month[2].
      Free Mobilize Charge Pass, plus 3-year warranty, 24-hour assistance and maintenance included.

Recommended retail price based on prices in force on 05/04/2022 across the participating network

  1. ^ [1] Leased over 37 months for 30,000 km with an initial instalment of € 10,000, reduced to € 4,000 once the ecological bonus has been deducted (€ 6,000)
  2. ^ [2] Leased over 37 months for 30,000 km with an initial instalment of € 10,000, reduced to € 4,000 once the ecological bonus has been deducted (€ 6,000)


  • An increasingly electric market.

In recent years, the car market has become increasingly electric. In 2021, the share of electric vehicles accounted for 9.8 % of new passenger car registrations in France, up from 6.7 % in 2020 and 1.9 % in 2019.

Renault – a pioneer in electric vehicles – has sold 213,869[1] electric vehicles in France since 2011, including 156,743 ZOE and 33,687 Kangoo E-Tech vehicles.

In the first quarter of 2022, Renault electric passenger car registrations in France increased by 16 % compared with 2021. With ZOE and Twingo E-Tech electric, electric vehicles accounted for 13 % of Renault passenger car sales over the period. This switch to electric vehicles will accelerate with the arrival in May of the electric Megane E-Tech on the Renault network at a time when higher fuel prices are making the cost of using electric vehicles even more competitive.

  • Over 1,000 E-Tech expert centres: the largest network of electric vehicle specialists

For more than 10 years, Renault has been helping customers wishing to make the switch to electric. On the strength of this experience, Renault has created the largest network of experts in France for selling, maintaining and repairing electric vehicles. This Renault network, known as the E-Tech expert network, continues to grow. Today, it is made up of more than 450 dealerships and nearly 600 Renault agents. The aim of this network is to ensure that everybody has an expert centre no more than 20 minutes' drive away. Electric vehicle owners are thus guaranteed to find a Renault E-Tech expert anywhere in France, where trained, qualified and equipped personnel are on hand to work on their vehicle.

A Renault E-Tech expert centre:

  • sells electric and electrified vehicles
  • manages the maintenance and servicing of these vehicles
  • performs all types of operations on these vehicles, with or without tagging out (de-energising) of the battery

For this purpose, it has:

  • a special E-Tech electric vehicle corner in the sales showroom
  • technical coordinators specialising in electric vehicles
  • electromechanical engineers specialising in electric vehicles
  • bodywork specialists who are qualified and trained in electric vehicles
  • appropriate workshop equipment and specialist tools for electric vehicles, such as a two-post lift without a threshold
  • charging points for electric and electrified vehicles

The Renault network is also the leading sales network for used electric vehicles in France. With 11,000 ZOE sold in 2021, the Renault Used Vehicle Network saw a 60% increase in used electric sales compared with 2020.


Aware of the obstacles that customers may encounter in making the switch from internal combustion to electric vehicles, Renault has created a complete ecosystem around electric vehicles through its Mobilize brand, with the overarching aim of making day-to-day mobility pleasant and straightforward for its customers.

As the New Megane E-Tech electric joins the network, Renault presents all the services offered to electric vehicle buyers. These services, marketed through the Renault network, can be included in vehicle financing or leasing contracts, whether it be for an electric Twingo E-Tech, ZOE or New Megane E-Tech.

  • Mobilize Power Solutions: a home charging solution available across the network

With Mobilize Power Solutions, new owners of rechargeable vehicles can now order their charging station or reinforced socket from their Renault dealer and have it installed at their home.

The dealer is able to provide a fixed price, based on the location of the point to be installed, without the need for an in-person technical visit. It is based on an innovative tool that leverages Google Maps.

The order placed with the dealer is entirely dematerialised and is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle purchase process: the customer approves the order form with an electronic signature, and pays the deposit online via a secure link received by SMS.

A Mobilize Power Solutions expert then contacts the customer to arrange a virtual visit and to schedule the home installation, guaranteed before the car is delivered and within a maximum of 45 days after the order is placed.   The price of a 7.4 kW wall-mounted charging point and its installation at the customer's home starts at € 1,349, or € 37/month over 36 months with a deposit of € 199 paid at the dealership if the customer decides to finance it via Mobilize Visa Card.

Mobilize Power Solutions also simplifies and accelerates the transition to sustainable mobility for companies: from designing to the installation of charging points, through supervision and energy optimisation services to maintenance, professionals get personalised support for recharging fleets of electrified vehicles which will cover all their needs on site, at their employees' homes and when they are travelling.

  • Mobilize Smart Charge: optimise charging costs and reduce carbon footprints

With the free Mobilize Smart Charge application, new owners of Renault electric vehicles can optimise their home charging costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Mobilize Smart Charge application takes into account peaks in electricity production and consumption, and automatically adjusts the charge of the electric vehicle based on energy available on the grid. The application stops charging when energy consumption exceeds generation, and resumes when there is once again a surplus of energy on the grid. This way, Mobilize Smart Charge helps to balance the electricity grid and indirectly facilitates the incorporation of renewable energies into it. This flexibility offered to the network translates into financial gains that the customer can track on the Mobilize Smart Charge application. Charging can also be scheduled to coincide with the off-peak times offered by the energy supplier, so customers can take advantage of the most attractive rates.

Mobilize Smart Charge is available on New Megane E-Tech electric, ZOE E-Tech electric[2] and Twingo E-Tech electric. Vehicles must be equipped with the OpenR Link or EasyLink multimedia system.

  • Mobilize Charge Pass: a single card for recharging at more than 36,000 charging points in France

Available with New Megane E-Tech Electric, the Mobilize Charge Pass is both an application and a card for accessing public charging points.

First, the driver logs onto their "My Renault" account to find out where the nearest public charging point is and whether or not it is available.  They can check compatibility with their vehicle by filtering the results by charging power and type of plug. Finally, the application provides one last piece of information: the price. Customers can then recharge the vehicle completely transparently, and they get a receipt sent to them by e-mail after each transaction.

With Mobilize Charge Pass, customers can recharge their vehicle and pay with complete peace of mind. The Mobilize Charge Pass is accepted in 25 countries. It provides access to 36,000 public charging points in France and more than 260,000 charging points in Europe. This service makes electric vehicle travel easier, particularly on motorways: access to the very high-powered charging points of the IONITY network is included in the pass. Preferential rate subscriptions to the charging points across the IONITY network will be offered from this summer to all Mobilize Charge Pass holders.

Business customers and fleet managers will be able to manage recharging on the move – at work and at home – with the Mobilize Business Pass. Payment for employee top-ups is then made monthly via an invoice sent directly to the company.

  • Mobilize Visa Card: finance the installation of a home recharging solution, facilitate recharging on the move and accumulate credit that can be put towards any purchase

The Renault Visa credit card is now Mobilize Visa Card and is packed full of new features. Customers can apply through the Renault network, with no obligation to purchase a vehicle and/or enter into a financing agreement.

With Mobilize Visa Card, customers can finance the installation of their home charging solution (charging point or reinforced socket) provided by Mobilize Power Solutions. This solution is offered and sold at the dealership by the Renault sales consultant when the vehicle is purchased. Once the recharging solution has been installed at the customer's home, the customer pays for it with the Mobilize Visa Card and can choose whether to do so in cash or on credit (over 36 months).

Mobilize Visa Card also offers a 1 % cash back function in euros. Customers accumulate credit (in euros) as they make purchases. This is then deducted from their payments when they make further purchases. Note that the Mobilize Visa Card is a credit card with revolving credit. It can therefore be used for cash or credit, in shops, online and for ATM withdrawals.

Latest news: Mobilize Visa Card is the first credit card in France that allows you to recharge your electric vehicle on the public charging point network. Thanks to dual-chip NFC and RFID technology, it replaces the Mobilize Charge Pass.

  • Switch car: a thermal or hybrid vehicle, for occasional needs

With the Switch Car service offered by Renault Financial & Services, New Megane E-Tech electric customers can use another vehicle with unlimited mileage for their occasional needs, such as longer-distance journeys, holidays or weekends away..

For private and business New Megane E-Tech electric car owners, the Switch Car offer is more advantageous than traditional short-term rental. A combustion or hybrid vehicle (category B to D) is offered to private individuals for 30 euros per month, for a period of 20 days per year. Insurance and unlimited mileage are included (with 37- and 49-month leases).

To book a vehicle, the client calls the booking service 72 hours before they wish to pick it up. The booking service will then contact rental companies, primarily Mobilize share, which will make the vehicle available at the branch closest to the client's chosen location.

  • Battery certificate: reassure customers about their vehicle’s health

The "Battery Certificate" is another reassuring function: owners of Renault E-Tech electric vehicles can get certificates showing the remaining energy capacity of their battery. This certificate is included with every Megane E-Tech 100 %, the aim being to reassure owners about the battery's condition throughout the vehicle’s service life

The data in the certificate is provided by the Battery Management System (BMS), or is calculated externally using driving and charging data. This provides an accurate picture of the battery's state of health (SOH), which is the ratio of the battery's current capacity to its initial capacity, expressed as a percentage. For example, for a 40 kWh battery, if the SOH is 94%, this means that its residual capacity is 37.6 kWh.


Featuring two batteries and compatible with all charging infrastructure, New Megane E-Tech electric comprehensively meets customer needs. Customers can therefore choose the finish, battery and charging solution to suit their needs.

Two batteries are available:

  • EV40 (40 kWh) which provides 300 km of range (WLTP standard)
  • EV60 (60 kWh) which provides between 450 and 470 km of range (WLTP standard, depending on the version).

New Megane E-Tech electric is available for lease, with Mobilize Charge Pass, 3 years warranty, 24 hour assistance and maintenance included:

  • at € 260 per month[3] with the equilibre finish and the EV40 boost charge battery (AC22 and DC85) combined with the 96 kW (130 hp) e-motor.
  • at € 376 per month[4] with the techno finish and the EV60 optimum charge battery (AC22 and DC130) combined with the 160 kW (220 hp) e-motor.

in euros, including VAT, minus the €6,000 ecological bonus


batterie EV 40

batterie EV 60


standard charge
(AC 7)

boost charge[5]
(AC 22 + DC85)

super charge
(AC7 + DC130)

optimum charge
(AC22 + DC130)


29 200

31 200

34 200

35 700




36 000

37 500


32 200

34 200

37 200

38 300


34 900

36 900

39 990

45 400

*€2,000 ecological bonus deducted on this version

  1. ^ cumulative figures as at 31 March 2022
  2. ^ produced from November 2020
  3. ^ Leased over 37 months for 30,000 km with an initial instalment of € 10,000, reduced to € 4,000 once the ecological bonus has been deducted (€ 6,000)
  4. ^ Leased over 37 months for 30,000 km with an initial instalment of € 10,000, reduced to € 4,000 once the ecological bonus has been deducted (€ 6,000)

As an historic brand in terms of mobility and a pioneer in electric vehicles in Europe, Renault has always developed innovative vehicles. With the "Renaulution" strategic plan, the brand is mapping out an ambitious and value-generating transformation. Renault is thus moving towards an even more competitive, balanced and electrified range. It aims to embody modernity and innovation in technology, energy and mobility services - in the automotive industry and beyond

Mobilize is a brand of Renault Group. Mobilize proposes flexible solutions around mobility, energy and data to meet the evolving expectations of consumers, businesses, cities and regions. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize encourages a sustainable energy transition, in line with Renault Group’s target to reach carbon neutrality and its ambition to develop value from the circular economy.
For more information, visit mobilize.com or follow Mobilize on TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn

Attentive to all its customers, RCI Bank and Services creates innovative financial services to build sustainable mobility for all. RCI Bank and Services is a subsidiary of Renault Group, which began operations nearly 100 years ago. It is a French bank specialising in automotive financing and services for Alliance customers and networks. With a presence in 36 countries and nearly 4,000 employees, the group financed over 1.4 million transactions (new and used vehicles) in 2021 and sold 4.7 million services. Average performing assets amounted to €44.8 billion of funding at the end of December 2021 and the pre-tax result was €1,194 million. Since 2012, RCI Bank and Services has deployed a deposit-taking activity in several countries. At the end of December 2021, the net amount of deposits collected stood at €21 billion or 47% of the company's net assets. For more information on RCI Bank and Services: www.rcibs.com. Follow us on Twitter: @RCIBS

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