06 March 2019

Renault EZ-ULTIMO: a robo-vehicle for a premium mobility experience

Imagining tomorrow's mobility means redefining the paradigm of the car almost entirely. We are on the brink of a new world in which shared mobility services will become increasingly prevalent. As cities become more congested and urban trends make it easier for people to travel short distances using shared services, the reality of what’s possible during travel time is completely redefinable.


Renault’s vehicles have been part of people’s most memorable moments in life for 120 years. These 120 years of passion are also 120 years of knowledge, innovation, and French design. Now we’re ushering in a new era for the industry. One where key trends, including mobility, connectivity, and new services intersect. Renault is embracing the future with conviction: our design vision remains at the heart of our approach to the future – where we prioritize making our customers’ lives easier. Whether it’s a car, an LCV or a future robo-vehicle, we believe the future is electric, connected, autonomous, and – increasingly – shared. In each scenario our brand promise will be clear: French Design, Easy Life.


EZ-ULTIMO rounds out Renault's 2018 trilogy of concept robo-vehicles that explore tomorrow's shared mobility. Built on the same platform as EZ-GO, our first concept in the trilogy, which embodies shared urban mobility for all, and EZ-PRO, the last mile delivery specialist, EZ-ULTIMO constitutes an emotionally powerful robo-vehicle. A premium mobility solution that offers anyone the pleasure of being transported as part of an exceptional, unique experience. An experience in which traveling takes on a whole new meaning.


EZ-ULTIMO at a glance

Renault EZ-ULTIMO is an all-electric, connected, autonomous robo-vehicle. It is intended to be offered as a service for a single trip, a circuit or a day booking. Available on-demand, EZ-ULTIMO is ideal for expanding premium offerings by travel companies and resorts, to enhance a special moment through a private trip in a city or a premium tourist experience.


Renault EZ-ULTIMO fully embodies Renault's heritage French Design and Easy Life principles. Its design is an element that sets it apart without sacrificing functionality.

  • Produced in the spirit of a "coach 2.0", this vehicle is a cozy cocoon in which up to three passengers view the city or the road from a novel perspective during their ride.
  • Its private space is a sort of contemporary first-class lounge that is accessible to all.
  • Its refined interior is tailor-made from upscale materials such as rich wood, marble and leather, allowing passengers to enjoy a relaxing and immersive drive while taking advantage of onboard services and specific content for a premium experience.


Renault EZ-ULTIMO is a robo-vehicle equipped with level 4 autonomous driving capability. It can connect to urban environments and highway infrastructure, such as going to an airport or from a hotel to a tourist site.

After EZ-GO, which embodies shared urban mobility for all, and EZ-PRO, the last mile delivery specialist, EZ-ULTIMO is the third in Renault’s family of concepts focusing on autonomous, electric, connected, and shared urban mobility services. Inspired by the same ambition to bring sustainable mobility to all, this trilogy of 100 % electric and shared mobility solutions expand and complete Groupe Renault’s vision for a future-friendly mobility system.


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