June 16, 2011

Renault Duster set for launch in Argentina and Brazil

Renault is showcasing Renault Duster at the Buenos Aires Motor Show in a version adapted specially for the Americas.

  • Renault Duster, a reliable and robust vehicle, will feature a unique price/equipment ratio symbolising the democratization of the 4x4.
  • Renault Duster will be produced locally, at the Curitiba plant in Brazil, and launched in last-quarter 2011 in Argentina and Brazil.
  • The Americas Region, starting with the two leading markets, Brazil and Argentina, is a key objective for Renault, which aims to double its vehicle sales there between 2009 and 2013.

Renault Duster, an original design

Renault Duster has been specially redesigned for the Americas Region in a process coordinated locally by Renault Design America in Sao Paulo. The vehicle features a chrome grille at the front and a chrome strip at the rear with “Duster” written in negative. The 4x4 model is more emphatically styled than in Europe with wheels painted in dark gray and fitted with a latest-generation four-wheel-drive system. The interior is more upmarket, including a new dashboard. The model was adapted by Brazilian and Argentine engineering teams, which ensured compliance with local standards (impact, engine, suspension, tires, etc.). Renault Duster symbolizes the democratization of SUVs and innovation at an affordable price for all.

Adapted to the Americas market

Renault Duster will be manufactured locally at the Curitiba plant in Brazil and launched in last-quarter 2011 in Argentina and Brazil. In Colombia, it will be produced at the Medellin site and launched in May 2012. Renault Duster is a 4x4 combining robustness and reliability and positioned almost at C-segment level, but boasting a price/equipment ratio unique to the market. At its launch in Brazil (2007) and Argentina (2008) Sandero was priced for the small car segment, even though its interior and exterior dimensions were those of the superior, compact-car category.

Commenting, Steve Norman, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Renault, said: “Renault Duster is really adapted to Latin American markets. It surprises with its dimensions, larger than those of the competition, and its excellent abilities. This special version, with exclusively designed interiors, new colour schemes and a new grille, will make 4x4s affordable for more and more customers in Brazil and Argentina. For Renault, in America, we can really say that there will be a before and an after Duster. The Renault brand’s journey on the American continent promises to be exciting and full of new challenges. The next challenge for Renault in Argentina will be to surpass 100,000 vehicle sales a year for the first time in its history. Something tells me that before the year is over we will have met this challenge.”

Buenos Aires, a first look at the renewal of the Renault brand

Aiming to broaden its range in the Region, Renault is launching three new vehicles in Argentina and Brazil in 2011. Alongside Renault Duster, the company will be presenting phase 2 of Sandero (the brand’s local best-seller) and Sandero Stepway, both specially designed and marketed for these countries, together with Fluence, the symbol of the renewal in the C segment. Renault will highlight its differentiation, based on design and innovation, with the presentation of the DeZir concept car and Fluence Z.E., the first electric vehicle with unlimited range. Range renewal will be complete in the Americas Region by 2016 with 40 models for all the countries.

Brazil and Argentina, essential to Renault’s Americas objective

Renault aims to double vehicle sales in the Americas Region from 200,000 in 2009 to 400,000 in 2013. Renault sold 310,000 units in the Region in 2010, much more than in 2009 (225,000). With 160,297 (PV + LCV) sales in 2010, Brazil is Renault’s second-largest market behind France (633,411), but before Germany (131,053). Renault has long been present in Argentina and in 2010 it ranked third in the country with a 13% share of the market, which set a record in total industry volume of 634,000 in 2010, up 26% on 2009. Renault quality is renowned in the country, with a recommendation rate of over 80% from new vehicle buyers and customers using Renault services.

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